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Mid-Atlantic Cup



All Teams Must Complete Online Team Check-In

All check-in material must be submitted no later than June 7, 2021

After being accepted into the tournament, you will be required to submit the required paperwork through your GotSoccer team account. No onsite check-in will be permitted.

Team Check-In is an easy process.

Just log onto your team's GotSoccer account, navigate to the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Cup tournament page within your team account, and click on the documents tab. There you will be able to upload your documents (see specific instructions below).

Each team is required to submit the following documents, team information sheet, roster, players passes or proof of age for each player, consent & liability waivers for all players and permission to travel if the team is outside of Region 1. DO NOT submit your medical release forms (medical release forms and the consent and liability waivers are two different forms).

For recreation teams without club-issued/state-approved rosters, please select the ROSTER tab for a roster template. If your team has an official club/state roster, you must submit that roster. For guest players (maximum 6), you will write-in the players name on the bottom of your club/state roster along with their date of birth and jersey number. You must cross off any players that will not be participating in the event.

EVERY participating player on ALL teams must submit a liability waiver. For the liability waiver, click here.

Every participating player must also submit a proof-of-age. Teams with club-issued/state-approved rosters generally have player cards that can be used to fulfill this requirement. If your team does not have player cards, you can submit a copy of a birth certificate, passport, drivers license or a state issued I.D. card.


Directions to Complete Online Check-In:

1. Fill out and save the PDF labeled “Consent and Liability Waiver” click here and the "Team Information Sheet" click here. One consent and liability waiver is needed for each player.

2. Teams must provide state/club approved roster and current player cards, including guest player cards [SCAN FRONT].
3. Submission process:
a. SCAN each document.
b. SAVE each document type as an individual PDF as they will be uploaded separately. (You should have four PDF documents as follows, 1. Team info sheet, 2. Approved roster, 3. Players cards/proof of age and  4. consent & liability waivers )
  i. Please use descriptive titles so you will know which files to upload.
  ii. Please upload all player cards as one PDF document.
  iii. Please upload all consent & liability waivers as one PDF document. DO NOT upload waivers individually.
c. UPLOADING the documents to GotSoccer
  ▪ Log in to your team’s GotSoccer page with your username and password.
  ▪ Select Mid-Atlantic Cup Tournament.
  ▪ Select the “Documents” tab.
  ▪ Select the labels from the drop-down list in the “Team Document Upload” box and upload the appropriate files.

d. Add any notes/messages for tournament staff about your paperwork and then notify registrar by clicking the "notify" button.