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Mid-Atlantic Cup

JUNE 9-11, 2023 

Mid-Atlantic Cup 

 at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown, MD! 

Thank you to all 193 teams that participated in the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Cup tournament. 

We look forward to seeing you again next year.


Played at one of the nation's finest soccer complexes, the Mid-Atlantic Cup welcomes recreational, classic/select, and travel level clubs to participate. Experience the joys of playing against fun and quality competition on some of the nicest fields in the country at the prestigious Maryland SoccerPlex.


Age GroupCostField Size (Approx.)
# of Players on FieldBall SizeMax. Roster Size
U8-U10$69047 x 307 v 7414
U11-U12$71575 x 479 v 9416
U13 -U14
$765112 x 75
11 v 11
U15-U19$815112 x 7511 v 11522

Applications received after May 01, 2023, must pay by credit card (additional 4% fee for credit card payments will apply)


Levels of Play Invited to Participate
Classic and Travel teams may be combined in the same division
where the number of teams dictates
Teams participating in the Recreation division may not use carded players
The tournament may combine age divisions when and where necessary

All teams are guaranteed three (3) matches.

The 2023 Mid-Atlantic Cup will follow the calendar year for age eligibility. Players must be born on or after the following dates to play in that age group.

U8 -  January 1, 2015
U9 -  January 1, 2014
U10 - January 1, 2013
U11 - January 1, 2012
U12 - January 1, 2011
U13 - January 1, 2010
U14 - January 1, 2009
U15 - January 1, 2008
U16 - January 1, 2007
U17 - January 1, 2006
U18/19 - January 1, 2004