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Mid-Atlantic Cup

Team Check-In

After being accepted into the tournament, you will be required to submit various required paperwork. All required paperwork will be submitted on GotSoccer.

Team Check-In is an easy process. Just log onto GotSoccer with your team account, navigate to the Mid-Atlantic Cup 2016 tournament page within your team account, and click on documents. There you will be able to upload your documents.

Each team must submit a roster. For recreation teams without club-issued/state-approved rosters, please email the Tournament Director for a roster template. If your team has an official club/state roster, you must submit that roster. You may write-in the name of any guest players on the bottom of your club/state roster (max. 3).

Every participating player must submit a liability waiver. For the liability waiver, click here.

Every participating player must also submit a proof-of-age. Teams with club-issued/state-approved rosters generally have player cards that can be used to fulfill this requirement. If your team does not have player cards, you can submit a copy of a birth certificate or passport online.

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